The Studio

Nymbol’s Secret Garden
A World of imagination

New Location. Alameda, California.

We were sad to leave our lovely little space in downtown Langley. There were a variety of reasons but the main one is we thought we were moving back to Oregon as I took a role in a new job. At the last minute that fell apart as some of these things can. Then, after  a very brief search a wonderful opportunity appeared down in Alameda, California. It was quite an effort, mostly taken on by Sam, but we have since moved the whole troupe down the coast. It has taken some time to adjust,….like the time it has taken me to update our website, but we are now back up to full speed.

Our true purpose is to inspire children and adults to use their imaginations. Having a good laugh while doing that is a wonderful bonus.  The Nymbol family lives by Einstein’s quote, ‘”Imagination is more important than knowledge.” It is vital for us to find a soulful balance in this age of ever evolving technology. Our children are the reason for Nymbol’s very existence. They join us in every step of creating Nymbol’s World.

Nymbol and his friends tell stories, sing songs, share drawings, create chaos and enjoy their own blend of humor. Things that are universally funny to a 5 year old are funny to us.  (potty humor especially) Nymbol teaches childen that it is important  to listen to their heart and follow their dreams. This could come in the form of an illustrated book, original music, webisode, vimeo video, live performance or chance encounter.


Through video, photography and illustration we highlight our travels to Faerie Worlds and other unusual festivals. Nymbol’s troupe is drawn to unique people and all their quirks. Musicians, performers, dancers, lost and forgotten arts and artists. These talented and unusual artisans are featured and interviewed by Nymbol  with many unscripted, chance encounter along the way.

Nymbol’s troupe will utilize grass roots, old world creation blended with the many emerging branches of multimedia. There is a fine balance between being a passive observer in someone elses creativity and actually creating something for youself.

Stay tuned for many more exciting adventures for Nymbol and his troupe are they are revealed.