What is Nymbol’s Secret Garden?

Nymbol’s Secret Garden is the magical place where my family and I spend a great deal of time. The door to Nymbol’s world was opened when he was born at our house. In that moment my life changed completely and utterly. With his introduction a flood of creativity awakened in myself and then my whole family. It also gave me a new lens to see the world and there was no going back. Organically the troupe has grown from just Nymbol to a full entourage that now includes a Dragon. Nymbol’s Secret Garden is our Studio, our traveling troupe, and the doorway to the Realm for us. It has allowed us to rediscover the mysteries and magic that have hidden just out of sight in this crazy modern world. Being part of Nymbol’s world has allowed us to play, laugh and create as a family in a way that I could never have imagined.  Our sincere hope is that we can take you on a journey with us as we explore the many mysteries that have yet to reveal themselves.

“There is magic and mystery all around, if you believe in secrets to be found!”

written by our 11 year old daughter Tabatha for the intro song for our show.

Who is Nymbol?


Nymbol is a moment of inspiration, and a gift from my children. It started one day when I picked up a little bat puppet and read a book to them with my best Boston accent. In about 20 seconds I was amazed to see that “batty” had come alive in the eyes of my children. He is now part of the family. More puppets and more voices followed. I messed up, missed punchlines and made mistakes. My children did not care. They were there to encourage me as much as I wanted to entertain them. In an moment of inspiration I drew Nymbol. That drawing gnawed at me for a year, asking me to do more. As Halloween approached it came to me. I had to make my own puppet. I had never made a puppet, or really sewn. I just started. Answers came, mistakes were made, blood was drawn needles are sharp and Nymbol arrived just in time for Halloween. He answered the door and handed out treats. I don’t think he truly got the concept because he handed all the candy out too quickly and we are still missing some socks and underwear. Once he came into our house our lives truly changed forever. I have a very strong sense that the adventure is just beginning!

I challenge you. Go to the local toy store, go online, and buy a puppet you like. Bring it home and read to your child with it. Come up with a voice and let your alter ego free. I can almost guarantee you will be amazed by the results. Your children will want more.