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Romeo wherefore art thou?

Story House that’s Where! After the tears dry and the red feathers have been picked up from the stage out in the beautiful woods there will be two types of folks on Whidbey… Continue reading

A Birthday Show to remember.

Not long after Finishing our March show at WICA we started looking at future dates we might be able to do another one.  One of the dates left on the schedule was July… Continue reading

JULY 22nd and 23rd at WICA

After getting home from Faerieworlds it took us a little time to get back into this realm. We posted photos, wrote stories and  regaled anyone who would listen to our adventure. Imagine our… Continue reading

Faerieworlds 2011

We are back from an Amazing time at FaerieWorlds in Eugene, Oregon. For all the fun and frolicking please check us out on facebook, flickr, or our blogpost. I think you will really… Continue reading

Izzy’s costume

A detail of the fruits of Sam’s labor and  love for her youngest. This could be the first time Izzy isn’t wearing a “second child syndrome and hand me down costume.” o.k. it… Continue reading

Goings on

FaerieWorlds.  FaerieWorlds. That is what is happening. We are very excited and will post lots of photos after we get back. Nymbol’s little troupe is part of the Neverworld stage and will be… Continue reading