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New Friends

There are some new friends coming to Nymbol’s Secret Garden and we thought you might like to see how they got here. At the beginning of this coming February Sam and I are… Continue reading

Egg Nog for Everyone.

When I spent my first year away at school I tried my best to create my own Christmas Card. Along the way this morphed into the Cass Family Christmas Card. For the last… Continue reading

Vancouver Incident

5 or so years ago a very good friend of the Cass Family got married in Zurich, Switzerland. The effect that this had on the family is that the girls, despite growing up… Continue reading

Holiday Time

The Most Merry Wishes to you and yours this HolidaySeason. This is the background for the video we just shot of Nymbol and Troupe doing “Suzy Snowflake” with the amazing talents of Caven… Continue reading

The Mouse Queen

We are almost done with our latest mask project. It was a bit more difficult than I thought but that is true with almost any project. Just before Halloween Sarah Jacobsen and a… Continue reading

Is Halloween Here Already????

Where did all the time go? The good thing about events is that they happen. They happen on a particular day, even at a particular time. That gives you a focus. All of… Continue reading

FaerieWorlds Harvest

A New photo of the Cass Family and all their magical friends.

FaerieWorlds Harvest Fest

 We are finally back from FaerieWorlds. Both Literally and Figuratively. Our bodies were home for about a week and a half before our minds caught up. Sitting here now it seems a little… Continue reading

Harvest Fest Prep.

Crazy times here at Nymbol’s. Chair sized Red Cap Mushrooms are sprouting up around the studio, a new tent is being outfitted, Shoes are being drawn and metal is being cut. Lots of… Continue reading

FaerieWorlds Harvest Fest.

We have begun working with Matt Hawk of FaerieWorlds on the NeverWorlds stage. You will see little bits and bobs being added here as we work on them. This is the idea so… Continue reading