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2013 here we come

What a year that has just passed. Our little troupe could not ask for more. I could ramble on but I think I will let Nymbol do the talking. Pay attention to the… Continue reading

Nymbol’s Secret Santa

Here at Nymbol’s we are getting excited for the holidays. Nymbol and troupe are getting ready to film a Video Holiday Card that will go out soon.  Caven Keith is going to film… Continue reading

Extra Special Bloopers

If you made it to our website you are in for a treat. Be Warned. They are bloopers, not ready for primetime for sure. If you are easily offended,…DO NOT WATCH! Password: nymbolnuts… Continue reading

FaerieCon East.

A great time was had by Nymbol and the Troupe at FaerieCon East. It is the first time we have come out to the east coast and we had a grand time. FaerieCon… Continue reading

Nymbol’s Nyblets and more

Here at Nymbol’s we have been a buzz of Activity lately. Getting ready for FaerieWorlds, A poster for SJ Tucker, Continued finessing of our Kickstarter Campaign, Starting to Pack, and Getting Croodlys ready… Continue reading

KickStarter Launch

Why are we doing it you ask? It is actually a funny story. Some friends of ours asked us to put together a proposal for another website with a similar business model. We… Continue reading


Our little troupe of misfits are getting ready to attend FaerieCon East. Below is a repost of an article for any of those who are wondering what we are going to do in… Continue reading

Portland Pirate Festival 2012

UPDATE. Byron Dazey has put up his wonderful photos of the Portland Pirate Festival. He did a whole photoshoot with the Troupe and the product of all of his hard work can be… Continue reading

Nymbol’s Secret Wagon part 3

The final part of our Journey began as we rolled into Eugene and on to the site of FaerieWorlds. For our little troupe it felt more like a homecoming than the start of… Continue reading

Nymbol’s Secret Wagon part 2

Morning came pretty early on Saturday. The benefit of falling asleep in your clothes is that you don’t have to change at all. I did anyway. We had the troupe loaded in the… Continue reading