About Us

“Who We Are” or “What we did before meeting Nymbol”

Sam Cass           (written by Bill)

Sam is a woman of exceptional and varied talents. Unable to fit in any particular box, especially one of the corporate cubical kind, Sam has been in search of the One thing that makes her happy creatively. It turns out it is many things colliding together in a dazzling array of color, texture and beauty. A true Renaissance woman. Even though she was taunted in artschool by a professor for “being stuck with Baroque and Rocco needles” she has always been true to her own vision. Whether it is costumes, jewelry, masks, winelabels, goddess shrines, wreathes, spray potions, drums, crowns, decorating for Halloween, interior design, color consulting, package design, footwear design, painting, drawing, silkscreening………she brings her unique perspective to it. Sam’s true passion in life is to become the Faerie Goddess Mother and Muse she was meant to be. (she is definitely my muse)

Bill Cass

Bill Cass – in his own words:

“I have always loved to draw. As long as I remember, time and space had no effect on me if I was drawing or creating something – a feeling that has never left me. I have spent the last 25 years a footwear designer. A few learning years at Keds, a few more fantastic years at Converse, 14 magical years with Nike, and now as the Footwear Design Director at The North Face. This career has given me mind-blowing opportunities and experiences and it continues now. The highlight* of my resume is the fact that I designed Lance Armstrong’s 7-time Tour de France winning cycling shoe. During this time, I have always illustrated on the side. Often I would squeeze freelance magazine or poster illustrations in between ever-shortening corporate timelines.  Now focused on Nymbol’s world, it has become the place I retreat to to stay fresh and creative.  Nymbol is also patiently waiting for me to get take some of his stories and put them in book form.”


IMG_3846About Nymbol

Nymbolnuts is a boggart, who turned 218 years old this year. He met the Cass family when they inadvertently cut down the cherry tree where he made his home.  He now lives with them – or at least for as long as they continue to tolerate his pranks.

(The human world story – Nymbolnuts came to life first as a doodle in Bill Cass’ sketchbook. He liked the look of this character so much, he decided to bring him off the page and to life as a hand crafted puppet. Looking at Nymbol, you would never know he was a first stab at puppet-making, or even a puppet at all. He simply looks like the sort of creature you might discover living in a tree in your backyard. Not long after the birth of Nymbol, other characters joined his universe, including Blarney (Nymbol’s closest friend), Serriffina (a faerie goddess), Nymphaea (a water sprite with the voice of a siren), and Bloobie (a blue Boobie from the Galapagos blown on the island during a recent wind storm). Recently, A Dragon named “Copper” was born at their house over a very long hatching period. The puppets are a family affair, brought to life by Bill, Sam and their two daughters, Tabatha and Izzy.)

Nymbol’s recipe to make something beautiful…….

Begin by listening to your heart,..

Infuse it with Joy,

add a pinch of Magic,

a dash of Spirit,

and a light sprinkling of happy mistakes.

Don’t forget to share your discoveries.