Copper the Dragon


IMG_7954It was with great pleasure that Nymbol and the rest of the Troupe got to Debut Copper to all our friends at FaerieWorlds. The Weather did not cooperate with the festival but Mother Earth certainly was happy. If you have a dragon of your own you know it is not a good idea to take one out in public in a situation where it might get cranky. We did manage to take her out once a day and she made lots of friends everywhere she went. One of our little interactions was captured by a lovely Faerie named Glenda and her sister. The video they posted on Facebook  is our first viral video. As I write we are at about 150k views. It has been fun to watch and Copper is very excited. She has no idea why but she knows it is good.


Copper, like every one of our Troupe’s creatures was born of a moment of inspiration and evolution. The insight was simple but the construction was not. The work and design around making her as seamless as possible is still ongoing and being revised. I am happy with the result thus far but I am sure there are more learnings to come. If you really want to see behind the curtain I have posted a few photos HERE.

IMG_7760Some insights into Copper. She was born at our house. Her nickname is “Scraps” as that 100% of her scales came from that bin. There are two other hides in her construction. Her Gestation began in December and she was ready to debut in late June. I never counted the hours, I only thought of the goal at the end. She was not done until she was done. Both Tabatha and Samantha spent many of their own creative hours helping too.  In fact, she is still not done, her wings are coming in soon and we have a wonderful Flying Elve helping them come into being.  There is no price I would sell her for.


The story Nymbol tells about her birth is quite a bit different and much more exciting. I hope we get to share that with you all very soon.