Where did the year go!!!


There has been a reason Nymbol has been a little quiet recently. Things have changed a great deal this year. Big things, little things, lots of things that matter a great deal, and a bunch of things that don’t. A year ago, almost to the day, I took a new job as the Footwear Design Director of The North Face. Yes,…. the folks that make those really cool winter jackets. They make shoes too. This has been really great for the family on one hand but on the other it has meant a very transitional year. We have a new house, a  rocking new studio, and we are just starting to hit our stride again. The table I am typing at is covered in a variety of projects in different levels of completeness. In summation, we have been crazy busy and I can’t really believe we now call Alameda, California home.

We have a list of events we want to perform at in the very near future. It goes like this. Maker’s Faire (accepted), Northern Pirate Festival (Sam is working on that one as write ), San Jose Steamcon (we’ll just visit this year), FaerieWorlds (Wouldn’t miss it), Northern Ren Faire (made contact, need to follow up), Edwardian Ball (got our photo in the paper at that already), Dicken’s Faire (need to come up with a concept for that one.) Jared’s Ball. (wish list, now we are 14 hours closer)

Do not worry, Nymbol has been in my ear quite a bit lately and is planning some serious hijinx in the very near future. He has invited (volunteered) us to baby sit for a new friend he just made when we moved. I am a little nervous as we had to replace his jacket when his old one had some singe marks on it. He just smiled when I asked him how it happened. Stay tuned. The channel is coming back online.

The easiest way to see what has been happening over the last year is to check out my instagram. I am pretty good at taking shots of those little important moments that make up the year. Check it out here

Lastly, I wanted to say a very belated HUGE freaking thanks to all of those great FaerieWorlds friends that helped Sam and the Girls pack up all of our Nymbol kit so we could strike our site last summer. I was on a 5am flight back to the “Real World.” It was such a harsh reality punch in the face after such a great event. Leaving was beyond difficult so I Thank You from the bottom of my heart. You Lost boys rock,….you all know who you are. The Hero of the weekend for me was Athonwy Doherty who saved our leathery skins by nailing down our sound and giving us our anchor show on Sunday. Much, much appreciated.  I look forward to new stories, new shows, new friends and many, many new adventures in the weeks and months to come.