FaerieWorlds 2013

Preamble,…….  First off I need to say that this years FaerieWorlds was amazing. In a year of constant change and seemingly unending vagaries FaerieWorlds is the beacon of light that gives us focus. That light grew more intense as we learned that a far too young member our Tribe had fallen seriously ill and was not doing well. As the news went out the Magic Ravens circled together in support over candle lit alters everywhere. The lesson was not lost on us as we prepared to go and celebrate our friend along with others that would no longer be there with us.


Wednesday,…Only a year later the trip down to Eugene was so much easier than last. No trip to Les Schwab, no 6 hours spent waiting in a Krispy Kreme, No crazy jumping gypsy wagon and bent axles. In a word,….uneventful. A last minute rewiring of the trailer kept us on our toes and a huge thanks goes out to Caven Keith and Matt Hoar for saving Nymbol a certain ticket and keeping everyone safe. As we made that last left hand bend into the park our whole troupe spontaneously broke into song.

Set up is always a bit of a push but this year we had something to look forward to. We were able to camp directly behind all of our stages and equipment. In years passed we have schlepped all of our critters and equipment back through the woods and tucked them in for the night. This year was soooooooo much better. There was some serious site work needing to be done on our part but I was up for the challenge with the hope that it would be our space for years to come. Let the Pick swinging begin. With the help of the girls it took out about three hours to clear the rest of the space, remove brambles and poison oak and then level a small hill into usable space. I wanted to thank the volunteers who helped do all the pre-work to even make this last push a possibility. A tongue in cheek thank you to the young couple that offered to help but then upon realizing it would be “real” work managed to find something else to do pretty quickly. By Wednesday night most of our staging was up and we were settled in for what promised to be a wonderful weekend.


Thursday,…… We continued to dial in the space, greet the rest of the troupe as they arrived and set up our awesome area. Let the faniggling begin. By the evening we had run our first sound check and were completely set up. A new record.

Friday,…. It was tooooooo hot. Make-up and faeries were melting in the shade, nevermind the direct sun. We were blaming the sun for what could only be considered a warm-up performance. (we called it that actually) Working the kinks out, trying some new material, and getting a feel for the crowd. I must say that kid hecklers are the best and the way we really want to react would get us in lots of trouble. I think water balloons may be in the works next year. Lobbed from back stage with a particular target in mind. If it is that hot again it is going to happen. It is far better than getting aerial pooped on by Bloobie which was our first thought. We must also mention that we have a new Junior Goblin in the form of Jaryn and he absolutely bowled us over. Too much talent, voice, charisma, enthusiasm and brilliance to be contained in such a wee sprout. You saw him there first but I can guarantee it won’t be the last. We are proud to have him as part of the troupe. Changing gears. the Spiral Dance is our absolutely favorite part of opening day. Seeing friends flash by in the crowd and smiles from ear to ear. My only wish is that the space was better suited to a big spiral without tripping hazards and total chaos. Conversely, that could be what makes it so much fun too. That, combined with the occasion wardrobe malfunction on a bountiful Faerie wheeling by in the other direction makes for a good time. After watching SJ, Betsy and Alec create magic on stage we wandered back to NeverWorlds, got Miq’d for sound and did a slightly better version of our warm-up show. The Kid Hecklers were relentless but they did have a couple good lines.  Immediately after our show we made a run for the river and were all finally able to cool down a bit. Our first day done and I could already tell it was going by too fast.


Saturday,……What a day from start to finish. The heat was not quite as bad and Our show went really well. Nymbol busted out a crowd favorite “Nymbol’s Secret Ride” for a story. It was one of Nymbol’s best tellings yet and everything flowed. Blarney’s timing was impeccable and you have no idea how truly proud that makes me. We have a new song called “Little Boy Billy” and were working out the kinks a bit but our timing is getting better. It is the first time we have used multiple characters and been so prop heavy. I think it went well. As always,.. timing is everything and if you miss a line that moment is over and cannot be reclaimed. Aside from throwing some full-sized nooses over the stage who knew this was so difficult. I do now. It was a great day and ending with me going to bed early. It is rumoured that Nymbol and Serriffina had a Midnight Show and did really well. I do not know anything about that but I am sure he will be doing it again next year. He wouldn’t shut up about it that is for sure. (Nyms here- A huge thanks to SJ Tucker, Jeremy Bloom, Moss, Rose Thorn, Mad Matt, Dexter & Sam, Pandora Celtica, Athonwhy, Noah, Serriffina and Nymphaea, and of course Jade for being absolutely Freaking Amazing one and all. o.k. you can have the computer back)……….. Nymbol just whispered to me,… If there are any photos or videos of the show out there. Please keep them to yourselves and enjoy among friends.


Sunday,……Trying to recover from Saturday proved to be a bit of a problem and Nymbol didn’t get up until noon. We were  firing on all cylinders by our three o”clock show time and were amazed at the turnout. We have never seen that many beautiful and young faeries sitting in front of our stage. The show went well and Nymbol told the “Nymbol’s Secret Egg” story. He was a little rusty and forgot a couple important lines but I was truly happy he even turned up. The highlight of the weekend was moments after we do a short story about two boys named Silas and Zander that sets the tone for our show. A mom from the crowd pointed and said that Zander was in the audience. “Alexander” is really his name so that threw her. She had heard the story three times that weekend before she realized it was him. It made for an absolutely funny and magical moment and Zander was just how Nymbol remembered. We did a little photo session/meet and greet with the kids after the show and it made my heart glow. Zander was one of the first in line and that is a photo I will treasure forever. I am still amazed at how some kids truly love that crazy little bogart.

Just as I had predicted it was over too soon,… our part of FaerieWorlds was over. I was sad but relieved it had gone so well. With great anticipation, we look forward to the next time we might see you all again. It will be too long but I am sure it will seem like we were never parted when we do. Until then. and to Wotan from Nymbol,……PPPPHHHHLLTTTT!


Thank you’zez (I have heard it said, not kidding)

Robert, Emilio and Kelly and the rest of the FW crew for creating such and magical event and inviting us to play.  SJ Tucker– You are our Hero and friend and we are truly honored to say we are yours. The “Alligator in the House” redition went to Nymbol’s head for sure. Matt Hawk- The Lostest of the Lost Boys, upon meeting Nymbol he invited him to play. It has changed our lives for the better.  Sam, Izzy and Tabatha. The pride that I have in how amazing you are is only made more intense by getting to perform with you as a family. An amazing gift every time. Nymbol– I am still not sure where you came from but I am proud you choose us to hang out with. Jaryn– What an amazing start to what we all know will be lifelong pursuit of joy. You have a spark of magic and we are quite certain you will keep it. Caven and Nichole- You two are awesome. The work and talents you bring are not usually in front of the stage but we would be lost without you. Ultimately what the world sees of Nymbol will be through your eyes and,…….. for all the work on Our Sound as well. I cannot thank you enough. Billy P. Well done sir. You are aways a welcome addition to Nymbol’s troupe. Your musical abilities and your comedic timing are spectacular. The New Character, Sargeant Gunny PixieDust was a huge hit. He must become a regular for sure. Mad Matt- It is funny to think that FaerieWorlds my have been the “quiet spot” in your summer but I thank you for bringing all your Talents and Toys down to Eugene to be an integral part of the troupe. Jade- The costumes, the song, the Dance, I cannot say enough. You Owned it! You came prepared and literally knocked everyone’s socks off. (and somehow your own in the bargain) You were the catalyst and inspiration for the midnight show.  Siobhan- We are so happy that you came to play with Nymbol’s Troupe at FaerieWorlds. We all missed Keith so much but certainly felt his presence.  I truly expected to see him around some corner with his incredible impish smile. He was so proud of his Exotic lady I can still hear his voice in my ears. Brandon Cruz- Thanks for being part of our show. We loved your voice and playing the moment we heard you. We look forward to hearing more great tunes from you in the future. Liz Pearson– for not only birthing, but sharing Jaryn. Ellen was a great addition also and if she wants to do more with us next year she is more than welcome. Ellen and Troy- for not only being Super Fans but our Friends and an integral cog in the well oiled machine that is Nymbol’s Troupe. Ken Om Crampton- thanks for adding some spice with your wonderful sounds. Loved having you on the drums for the shows. Wotan- Thank you soooo much for coming over and interrupting our shows by trying to squash Nymbol. May the child in us all never forget the joy one gets from getting away from the “FaerieSmasher!”