FaerieCon 2013

FCfamily7870044_nDouglas Herring photo

I can’t begin to tell you how much fun we had this weekend. I remember a quiet moment on Thursday evening after we finished setting up our space but that is it. In a blink it was over. Coming out of the realm I hope three years have not passed while we were away. It will be a couple days before our heads clear and we can focus on the human plane again.


Here are some highlights and Thank You’s

Thursday. We made it to Seattle without incident and found a “premo” parking spot to unload the van. The elevators were a little tricky but all of our stagecraft made it upstairs without incident. Things went together pretty seemlessly and the new room was a big step up from last year. Rick Shell helped us get all of our sound working only to find out we had no security in our area so we took it all down again. Troy and Ellen Ulmer were a huge help as we lugged things up and to the third floor and got set up.

Friday. By the time we got to our stage Buck had set up his sound system. Yeahhhh! He plugged us in and we were off to a much bigger than expected crowd. We tried out a new Nymbol story and it went really well. Nymbol keeps changing it everytime he tells it but the story is coming together and the crowd seemed to like it. They laughed at least. The show was a little rough around the edges but it is like a dress rehearsal in front of a live crowd. The batteries died on my headset half way through and I remember being confused when I was changing them out wether I had done that particular miq already. Rookie mistake. Billy Scudder then taught Nymbol and Wotan a lesson during a panel they were all in that will not soon be forgotten. Serriffina managed to stay out of trouble but Nymbol was more scared than if Wotan was chasing him around. That night Delhi to Dublin rocked the Ballroom and we all danced into the wee hours.


Saturday. A great day. We started with a strong show and some of our set from FaerieWorlds last summer. Nymbol’s Secret Ride story had a relatively new audience so I didn’t feel too bad when he told it again. Blarney pushed past some imaginary boundry by mentioning something totally gross but we recovered. We then spent the next few hours following Nymbol around interviewing faire goers about a lost egg. Very strange indeed. Caven and Nicole brought their A game to shooting these antics and I can’t wait to see it. We ended the night with the Highlight of the whole event. Tricky Pixie followed by Faun. They are both amazing bands  that truly defy categorization. Listen to their music and buy their albums. They are amazing. It was so much fun to see Tabatha and Sam dancing in unison as they tooks turns with some moves they have been practicing. The real magic moment for me was to see Izzy and her friend Shyan dancing together with wild abandon. Izzy has been a chair sitter up to this point so it was a huge 180. After Faun’s double encore show we hung out with some of our FaerieWorld friends on the 28th floor and slid down the elevator and to bed far too late.

Sunday. Our Show was one of the best we have done. The crowd was on and so was our troupe. The banter came fast and furious but the laughter kept up. Nymphaea really stepped into a new arena by reverse pranking Nymbol and Blarney which she has never done before. Not that they didn’t deserve it,…The totally did. It made for a very funny moment. We had a spectacular final show with Wotan. He ambushed us on stage only to have the FaerieQueen bind him with a spell that left him immobile. He was savaged by a flock of nubile fearies who took great pride in relieving him of the “Moon Egg” he had stolen. It was a very fun moment. We sang our last song and when Nymbol said goodbye he got a little verklempt realizing were on our last day. In the 45 minutes between our last show and a class I was teaching on puppet making I made notes, a contesant list and got ready for FaerieCon’s Got Talent. At 4:06 pm the show started and Nymbol began to host and I laughed and was amazed for the next hour.  I am not saying there isn’t room for improvement but it really was a great show. If you didn’t see it you missed  the birth of a concept for FaerieCon and FaerieWorlds that will only get bigger.  Mark, Alex and Billy really strutted their stuff but so did the other participants. Wotan only used his hook once but it was more for comic relief (and part of the act) than anything else. We got a glimpse of rising stars and names to remember. Katie Tinney, Tabatha Cass*, Obadiah Brown Beach, Brandon Cruz, and Koe Sozuteki were AMAZING one and all. When Nymbol said “see you this summer!” we were done.                    (*type in “song”)


Anita Marier photos

We took a short breath and started to take down the whole stage. Once everything was made into nice big piles the entire Nymbol Troupe went out to dinner at Tulio’s the next block over. Absolutely wonderful Italian food. Had to pull the cork out of the Piggy Bank for that but it was worth it. We rolled ourselves back to the hotel to see the last four songs of Faun’s Sunday acoustic show. We would have loved to see more but food with friends had to come first at this point of our adventure. There were many goodbyes, big hugs, well wishes, and plans to plan what we are going to do this summer. It seems like too far away right now but I am sure we will all be frolicking around in Eugene before we know it. Just the thought of it makes me smile and I so hope you can be there with us.

A HUGE final thanks to Mad Matt for risking life and limb as the stellar opening act of FaerieCon’s Got Talent but more importantly slugging through being tired to help us jam the van to the brim so we could get out of Seattle.

See you this summer!!