2013 here we come

What a year that has just passed. Our little troupe could not ask for more. I could ramble on but I think I will let Nymbol do the talking. Pay attention to the words in his toast here. They are said for all of you and are heart felt. Click on the Photo  for a link to the video including a little run around with Krampus or just read the words below. Happy New year from the whole Cass family and our little band of creatures.


This is a toast to all of my Fae friends. To the ones my eyes see before me, to the ones who couldn’t make it here tonight, and to the ones we can now only hold in our hearts. This is to you, to the many adventures we have had, to the new year, and the many, many adventures yet to come. I thank you for being my friend. I thank you for being who you are. You makers of mischief, singers of song, weavers of magic, creators of light, and producers of odious smells. I love you all, you are so much a part of me that I cease to exist with you. Happy Yule and a most Merry New Year.(this is where you say) Happy Yule and Merry New Year.