Nymbol’s Secret Santa

Here at Nymbol’s we are getting excited for the holidays. Nymbol and troupe are getting ready to film a Video Holiday Card that will go out soon.  Caven Keith is going to film it and we are setting the studio. It is rumoured that Krampus stopped by the shop looking for someone who was Naughty. I can only guess who he was looking for but fortunately Nymbol was off SnowBoarding with Blarney now that there is snow on the mountains. It reminded me of the illustrations I did a couple years ago during Nymbol’s adventure with Santa on Christmas Eve. There is more to the story but I thought you might enjoy the illustrations.

nymbolssecretsantasmIn other news  Serriffina cleared the studio today by knocking over a bottle of aged troll snot and it smelled horrible. Nasty stuff that. This did not go over well with Sam who despite being a gimp was the only one there to clean it up. (she wrecked her ankle roller skating)

Sam was most frustrated as she was starting to delve into kickstarter rewards and compile her list when the “stink attack” happened.  Between that and her ankle she called it quits for the day and will get on it tomorrow after the studio has off-gassed.


As the holidays approach we wish everyone the most merry of Yuletide greetings and are looking forward to an amazing new year. It will be full of new adventures.

Keep and eye and ear out for our video. Happy Holidays.