FaerieCon East.

A great time was had by Nymbol and the Troupe at FaerieCon East. It is the first time we have come out to the east coast and we had a grand time. FaerieCon East was filled with lots of music, magic and miscief making with all sorts of new friends. Wotan was there but Nymbol made the best of it and escaped once more. Anyone from our Puppet Making Workshop can Click Here for the file I was talking about. It has a bit more detailed in it’s description of how to make our super patented hoodie recycling program.  The detailed download will show you how to make a “Croodyle!” Even if you didn’t take the class, download, have  read and create your very own friend. The folks in the class did an amazing job. Thanks everyone.

It was lots of fun and there are more updates coming as soon as I catch up on a tiny bit of sleep. Highlight of the trip. At our last show a little baby was in her mom’s arms behind the last row of chairs. For just a second it sounded like she was crying but then we realized the baby was laughing every time we moved around. She was Laughing HARD. Nymbol tested to make sure it was us causing this merriment and waved at her. She erupted in peals of laughter. She was so sweet and her laugh so infectious it made us all children again for a beautiful moment.

I’ll tell ya more soon.