Nymbol’s Nyblets and more

Here at Nymbol’s we have been a buzz of Activity lately. Getting ready for FaerieWorlds, A poster for SJ Tucker, Continued finessing of our Kickstarter Campaign, Starting to Pack, and Getting Croodlys ready for FaerieCon. I need to find a little time to draw something else tonight too. Kickstarter has 9 days to go and will finish right after FaerieCon. Hopefully that will be the shot in the Arse that gets us over the top. We are tracking well and surprising donations come in from all corners. Thank you soooo much. If you haven’t checked out our videos lately there are some new ones up. Kickstarter Obviously, but “Big Dark Scary Mountain” is one of my favorites. We had lots of fun doing that but the girls really enjoyed themselves. It was great fun watching them Ham it up in front of the camera and start to come up with there own material.

We are Very Excited about FaerieCon for a couple reasons. The first is that we are travelling as a troupe for the first time ever. Learning and seeing what does and doesn’t work. Nymbol and Wotan have been going at it over email, phone and facebook. I am sure the Chaos will continue for a while. Beware if you find yourself in Wotan’s site line of Nymbol. Do what Nymbol does. RUN!

We are also looking forward to Listening to and getting to hang out with SJ Tucker and Betsy Tinney. They have been fast friends to Nymbol and the Troupe and are Amazingly Talented. There is Talk about doing some future Album Cover art along with a limited edition poster run available at the show. This is the poster Sam and I came up with for her last concert of the Year. We had fun doing it and added a certain amount of Nymbol Flaire for sure. If you are in the area don’t Miss it.

Gotta go pack. Hope to do some updates from the road. Staying in a hotel rather than camping does have it’s advantages.