KickStarter Launch

Why are we doing it you ask? It is actually a funny story. Some friends of ours asked us to put together a proposal for another website with a similar business model. We said, “sure, we would love to help.” It would be fun  and would give us a chance to shoot some great video, practice our skills and learn on a whole new level. We wrote a script, created the set and props, got Caven on board and shot some video. It sucked. On first viewing it was pretty clear we could do better. We revised our script and took another shot at it. Much better this time around.  Caven did some masterful editing, fixed the sound, and turned my art into some great intro shots.  We jumped through all the hoops and waited for the launch of this new website. As bad as our first version sucked, the website sucked more. We pulled the project in the first day. Our friends are fortunately still our friends and they withdrew their involvement too.  Writing this got me thinking and I just checked the website again.Within the first day of launching our Kickstarter campaign we have more support than all but one of the 7 projects received in there 30 day run. The only person receiving any support was the one who ran the website. Weird that.

After a few weeks of  being deflated by that effort we took a deep breath and realized we should launch our project on the authentic crowdfunding website. KickStarter.  Sam took the bull by the horns a jumped through the many hoops needed to get us up and running. It was worth it.  Obviously, we would love to make our goal. We would be able to pay Caven for a small portion of the time he has donated thus far.  Kickstarter has already helped us reach  out a little further.

Nymbol is at his best when he is out in public, meeting people, having a laugh and making merry. Since moving to Whidbey we have been gifted with so much talented support it makes my head spin. We are eternally grateful. There is certainly some magic in those creatures. In the three years they have been with us we have had some truly amazing experiences. I must also say that the blooper reel we got out of this shoot was worth the whole effort. We will be posting that on kickstarter in the very near future.

As a family we have a fairly clear vision of our dream for Nymbol and the rest of his ever-growing troupe. Up to this point we feel like we have been invited on a very wild and immensely fun adventure. We have been moving steadily forward, creating stagecraft,  creatures, music,  stories, illustrations, props, costumes and a frightening amount of sound and lighting equipment. Who knew? Not to mention the experience we have gained by performing our own shows and at festivals.  As I write this Sam is sewing the last of the panels together for our new travel stage. It has been like that at our house for the last three years. This is a big step and in the right direction.

Thanks for any and all support. If this is not your cup of tea. No worries. If you get a chuckle out of it please share with  your friends, and donate if you can. A small sum times many is the whole concept behind KickStarter.

There are plenty more adventures to go on and share with you.  Nymbol has assured me,….”We are just warming up.”