SJ Tucker at Nymbol’s

Magic. That is really all I can say. This weekend Nymbol and troupe were honored to host the wonderful and talented SJ Tucker. SJ was a solo Siren for this visit but is usually seen in the company of Betsy Tinney and Alexander James Adams as the group Tricky Pixie. SJ played Saturday night to a packed NSG space of 45. This was the first time we have hosted something other than a cast party at our studio and it was great fun. Nymbol, Serriffina, Blarney, Nymphaea and a host of new characters showed a little “blooper reel” from a recent project and got quite a few “please don’t encourage them” laughs. (Thanks Caven Keith for the awesome video work)

Nymbol then handed it off to SJ who dazzled everyone with quite a few crowd favorites.  The best part was that in the mix she sprinkled in a bunch of new songs. That is right! The Audience at Nymbol’s got to hear some all new sounds. and let us just say,….WOW!  You will never think of a Selkie the same way again. In between sets a mysteriously large figure who bared some resemblance to Nymbol’s arch nemesis Wotan the faerie smasher was seen lurking in a seat near the back. By the end of the show he was gone so reports could neither be confirmed or denied.

The evening ended with one of our favorite people Mad Matt spinning fire right in front of the studio overlooking 1st street and the water. One benefit of a town that goes to sleep at 9:15.

Why was she here you ask. I am glad you did. She was in Langley to film a little video with our troupe for an upcoming Nymbol Show. Nymbol and Sj had a blast chatting, singing and making merry. A few other members of the troupe jumped in whenever the music started. We will share more details on this really soon.

Thanks to everyone who came out to see the show and visit the island. Nymbol would also like to thank Addi for making the trip and being his friend.

and to SJ and Ryan,……..we got a cryptic note from Red and Violetta about visiting kin in Arkansas and they haven’t been seen since. Do you know anything about this???