FaerieCon Seattle

Our weekend actually began on Thursday morning when I realized that if I took 3 seats out of our van all the stagecraft would fit in the back. We were off to a good start as I wasn’t looking forward to downtown Seattle with a trailer. Just before 2p.m. we rolled into Seattle and started setting up our stage on the bottom floor of the Renaissance Madison Hotel. This was going to be very different from camping in Eugene for a long weekend but we were elated to find that we had a huge space to set up our stages and gear. In a shade over three hours we had packed in, assembled and powered everything up. Why were we not just checking in to the hotel now? Whose idea was it to save money by spending the night back on the island. Mine??? (errrrr)

Late the next morning we were back and things looked very different. When we left only a couple of vendors were set up but now the space was crammed full of all sorts of wonderous thing to check out.   At this point Nymbol and Serriffina came out of hiding, Caven Keith grabbed his video camera and we were off.  There were many new friends to be made, old ones to say hello to, and lots of mischief to be had. I think we were successful on all fronts. Throw in a Time Travellers Ball, A Masquerade the next night and you have all the makings for an epic weekend.

On Saturday Sam and I taught a puppeteering 101 class along with one on puppet making. In between classes we did a very quick but fun skit with all those involved.  It made me laugh anyway. I hope they had fun.

There are some highlight moments I need to share. Most of them were caught on video so I will be brief.

Brom – WOW! Nymbol and Serriffina cornered him and he was a great sport to put up with most of Nymbol’s silliness. His work is beyond amazing and he is a nice guy to boot. Think Bruce Wayne outside, Batman inside.

Daniel Merriam. A wonderful surprise here and we were blown away. Aside from Daniel’s awe-inspiring art, Nymbol was particularly smitten with Daniel’s wife and muse. If his book is not in your art collection you will be sorry. stunning.

Toby Froud and Ignatz. Two great guys who chummed around with Nymbol and made much merriment on camera as well. Ignatz and Nymbol partied a little too hard Saturday night and Nymbol was found under some pillows in the lobby in the morning.

Byron Dazey. If you want to get a feel for the show and see lots of great photos please check out Byron’s wonderful  shots of FaerieCon. A super nice guy combined with a serious talent. Take a look and you will know what I mean. FaceBook  or Byron’s own Site.

Wotan the Faerie Smasher. Yes,…..he is Nymbol’s arch nemesis but he added his own  blend of chaos to our Sunday show. I hope the video Caven shot catches  the magic of the moment. We certainly laughed all the way home.

We are already planning big for this summer and hope to see a few new friends at FaerieWorlds this summer. We are soooooo looking forward to it.