FaerieCon West

The hotel is booked, the creatures are getting excited and we are in a crazy state trying to get some last minute things together. Sam and I will be teaching a class on puppet making and puppeteering while we are there. If all goes well we will even be doing a mini show with class participants in between the fashion show and the costume contest.

We have a plan for FaerieCon. Our friend Caven Keith will be joining us with his amazing skills and “wicked pissa” video camera so we can shoot Nymbol’s new friends and any antics that might ensue. We did this a couple years ago at the FaerieWorlds Masquerade down in Eugene and are really looking forward to doing it “proper” this time.

We have also just finished a little trailer for our Nymbol’s Secret Island show.  Caven also shot our very first show and put together this  teaser to give you a little insight into our collective efforts. The next show will have a new name, new puppets, new humans, new pirates, new songs, new stories and even new gags. In other words, it is New. We are really looking forward to starting this journey and I hope quite a few of you join us along the way.

look for us at FaerieCon and smile,…..You may be on camera