New Friends

There are some new friends coming to Nymbol’s Secret Garden and we thought you might like to see how they got here. At the beginning of this coming February Sam and I are going to teach a couple classes in puppeteering and puppet construction at FaerieCon West in Seattle. It looks like the event will be lots of fun and hope we are able to add to it. For our classes we only have about an hour and a half to teach folks how to make a puppet. Given that each of Nymbol’s friends have taken about a week  to complete there isn’t enough time. This past week Sam and I have come up with a more digestable process and hope to teach our fae friends the skills and give them all the know how they need to convert a couple ordinary stuffed bears found at the local thrift store to what you see here. The one at the top is named ZW (Zippy Wren White) and the one at the bottom is being quiet about her name thus far but I am sure she will let it slip in time. They are already cracking us up with their antics. We are still experimenting and playing and all the while our little studio continues to fill with all sorts of new creatures. If you aren’t doing anything on the second weekend in February please come visit us in Seattle. We have big plans.