Egg Nog for Everyone.

When I spent my first year away at school I tried my best to create my own Christmas Card. Along the way this morphed into the Cass Family Christmas Card. For the last 20 years (wow) we created  a yearly card with modest success  except the one where we discovered the joy of two kids in Diapers. A couple years ago I did my first photographic Holiday Card because of this new character I created named Nymbol.   Being an illustrator at heart it was hard for me to “cheat” but something in me had changed and I certainly didn’t spend any less time on it. This year, with the help of our wonderful new friends Rob Marsanyi and Caven Keith we are able to bring you the next evolution in the “Nymbol Family” video Holiday Card. I am so Thankful to all of those who put their talents and soul into what has now become Nymbol’s Secret Troupe. A group that seems to grow, morph, improve and bring smiles to faces far beyond the shores of our Lovely Island. We have truly been blessed and kissed by the Faeries and at this time of year I hope we can share even a little of the fun we have had on our new adventure.

So to all of your out there  a very politically correct Merry  This, Happy HoHo That, but not a Bahhhh humbug allowed in the lot.

Nymbol and all his friends wish you and yours a truly Merry Holiday and a very exceptional New Year. I hope our paths cross sometime soon.

click ME or the image above to see the video

We had lots of fun trying to get just one decent take and had fun with the process. the Bloopers they are now on Vimeo