FaerieWorlds Harvest Fest

 We are finally back from FaerieWorlds. Both Literally and Figuratively. Our bodies were home for about a week and a half before our minds caught up. Sitting here now it seems a little like a dream. The Studio is finally back together and we have moved into a new phase here at Nymbol’s. Podcasts or Videocasts, whatever the name is. More about that in a minute.

I first need to tell you that the weather was perfect. It rained on the island and it rained in Portland but it did not rain on all the Faeries. We slept out under the stars our first night and after that were quite happy and warm in our little tents. The days were warm in the sunshine and cool in the shade. As I said, Perfect. As far as the crowd at FW it was definitely lighter than the June version. If I had to guess I would say about 1/3 the amount of folks. That didn’t stop all those who attended from feeling like they were skipping school for something grand. Wait a minute,….. My kids were. We had some fun shows and were really flying by the seat of our pants most of the time. Nymbol and Wotan played together nicely and much merriment was had in both their antics. A shout out needs to go out to one wonderful Faerie Goddess mom who laughed so hard at all of Nymbol’s jokes that he started to laugh at his own jokes before finishing them. Thank You. You made our whole trip worth while. We got to play Pirates with Matt and had the best soundcheck ever with Betsy and SJ. There are plans in the works to get together with them and collaborate on a piece for next year.

The FirePit was a huge hit. It was an awesome experience watching and photographing all the lovely Fey dancing around the “Fire Creature” that Tim Leonard, Ryan Wright and I banged out a couple days before. A big thanks is still owed to those two who were so gracious and giving of thier time and experience. Wish you could have been there.

Low lights. There are a few. Flash Powder is Dangerous. Ask the blister on my hand and some of my hair. On the positive side we discovered a new gag. Imagine this. ………Moments before the show starts,………BANG, flash, Woooosh. sparkle, sparkle from behind the stage. Nymbol’s voice comes over the speakers. “I’m o.k.?!?!?”  The Foot pedal needs a safety pin that will not be bent and fall out when a 220lb plus maroon steps on it. Kind of embarassed by that actually.

Fire Danger. Kind of put a damper on the whole firepit thing that was suppose to be flaming all weekend. At least we had a fire, it was wonderful but you could tell how nervous everyone was. I know the Danger is real but  we still wondered why the Fire Department was sooooo cautious.  After watching more than a few fire goblins completely ignore the “no smoking” policy and one piece of work actually throw his remnant in the hay we had spread around out stagecraft I realized the need for caution.

Even with those little things we had a wonderful time and plan to go back again next year. Look out for some videos to pop up soon. I have some fun clips from our trip to Eugene along with the new stuff we are shooting now.

We are now really looking forward to making a dragon for “the Hobbit,” Halloween and our next adventure. SteamCon. Wear did my goggles go?????

If you would like to see some photos of our trip check out this link on Flickr. FaerieWorldsHarvest2011