Harvest Fest Prep.

Crazy times here at Nymbol’s. Chair sized Red Cap Mushrooms are sprouting up around the studio, a new tent is being outfitted, Shoes are being drawn and metal is being cut. Lots of it,… I think. If all goes well we will be bringing the center “Fire” piece down to the FaerieWorlds Harvest fest in Eugene Oregon next weekend. Nothing like a daunting deadline to motivate you. I just hope it fits in the trailer with all of our stuff. We won’t be dragging down a piano this time so I am crossing my fingers it is an even trade. We shall see. I will be working with Tim Leonard and my new best pal Ryan Wright to get this to look remotely like my drawing. I hope my patterning and design skills translate. I promise to post lots of Pictures. I imagine a bunch of faeries dancing in the firelight and it makes me smile. Nymbol is excited and Serraffina has threatened to put a spell on it so it walks around. That would be cool.

if you are on facebook I have posted a bunch of photos here





Update. The “Fire Demon” is finished. We blasted it out in one Solid day with the help of many hands, Ryan’s plasma cutter and more than a little midnight oil. Good thing Tim’s Neighbors and Family are so understanding. Even with the Doors closed I can’t imagine smashing plate steel with a sledge hammer wouldn’t wake some Zombie somewhere. This afternoon we Load the thing in the back of our trailer and cross our fingers that everything fits. I am really hoping there is no “I told ya so!?!?” from Sam.  I posted a new batch of photos on the above link and if you prefer Flickr click here