Romeo wherefore art thou?

Story House that’s Where!

After the tears dry and the red feathers have been picked up from the stage out in the beautiful woods there will be two types of folks on Whidbey Island. Those have that taken part in History or those that have been found wanting. Even if Shakespeare is not your thing,  you should know that another form of Whidbey History and Magic is upon you. In the coming years you owe it to yourself to say you were there when it all began.

For our small part we were honored to teach the cast how to make leather masks. In the Masquerade scene you will see all of their toil and trouble manifest itself in a truly individual statement. From Juliet’s  delicate and beautiful flower mask to Romeo renaissance nod to Bat Man. A super hero  who, “Should not have gotten out of bed on either of those fatefull days!” as Kent put it.


What would the world be like if he actually slept in. Insert any debate about the value of Shakespeare’s “tragedy” here. I always remember what my Freshman teacher said. Every descision and movement of the play leads us to the tragedy. If any one event was different, so would be the outcome. Unfortunately, or

fortunately, depending on your perspective, that does not happen.

The same applies to your decision to go an see this work performed by those truly talented artists who have spent a good part of their summer to bring  you “free shakespeare in the woods.”  I am sure you will make the right decision.

You might even notice a couple of the Helmets we crafted in some of the fight scenes. Did I mention there was sword fighting.

I am thinking that for the final performance we should all show up in the appropriate costume. Anyone up for the challenge???