A Birthday Show to remember.

Not long after Finishing our March show at WICA we started looking at future dates we might be able to do another one.  One of the dates left on the schedule was July 22nd and 23rd. I liked the sound of that because, as it would just so happen, the 23rd was my birthday.

In preparation for July Nymbol was adamant that we should ask SJ Tucker again to see if she was available. We were sure she would be busy but he went ahead and sent her a request anyway. Later that night, Nymbol let out a “drag queen” like squeal and then ran four laps around the table at full speed until he slammed into the wall. As he lay there out of breath he said,…”She said Yes!” More emails, squeals of laughter and jumping about followed. Then the scene repeated itself with another “thudd” into the wall. “She’s Bringing Betsy!”

As the Show approached it was a real rollercoaster. Who could make it, who couldn’t, our cast fluctuated. Babies were born, folks went on vacation but finally it all came together. The final touch was when  Matt Hawk from FaerieWorlds said he would come up and be one of our pirates. Tabatha had the honor of punching him in the head a few times at FaerieWorlds and he was signing up for more.

Finally the big day arrived and SJ showed up for dress rehearsal. It was a little rough around the edges but with SJ there singing Kash Kash with the ladies there were smiles all around. The actual shows were over too quick and I can only hope that those in attendance enjoyed it even a fraction as much as I did. The Troupe absolutely rocked and everyone brought their “A”  game. On the family side being to play and perform with my girls like this is a rush I never thought I would experience. They were all amazing. Tabatha singing her heart out, Izzy coming up with lightning quick banter, and running about like a lunatic Faerie, and lastly, Sam nailing the opening song and her brand new spell. A behind the stage camera would have seen much dancing and merriment going on.

This brings us to the point of the whole story. After the show we had a cast party at the Studio. It was great fun and everyone wished me a wonderful birthday when I finally got there.  I made a comment to the troupe about how this birthday rivalled the one I had in France a few years ago while following “le tour” with friends. Not long after that SJ and Betsy arrived even though I was pretty sure they were headed to the ferry. Without waiting too long Sam and I plucked up our courage and asked if Tabatha could sing the First of the Wendy Trilogy songs with them. Again they said “Yes.” A couple of minutes later Tabatha stood between them and much to her and our surprise pretty much belted it out by herself with the two ladies jamming along. SJ bailed her out a couple of times but it was pretty seamless.

A prouder papa there has never been.

A huge thanks to SJ and Betsy for making that dream of Tabatha’s come true.

It all finished with Sj and Betsy singing the second part of the Trilogy and what I think is called the “Lost girls theme song.”  It was an amazing end to our two shows at WICA and now sits upon the top shelf as My Best Birthday EVER. Thanks to all of those who came to watch and play along. A big thanks to Nymbol for Showing us that Magic does exist in the World. It certainly filled the studio Saturday night.

to see a little part of Tabatha singing along click HERE