JULY 22nd and 23rd at WICA

After getting home from Faerieworlds it took us a little time to get back into this realm. We posted photos, wrote stories and  regaled anyone who would listen to our adventure. Imagine our surprise when this scene unfolded. Nymbol was quietly (for a change) sitting at the computer and writing to all of his new Facebook friends. All of the sudden he got up squealing like a dragqueen, ran four laps around the table at full speed and slammed into the wall. When we went over to see what had happened he lay there panting. “She’s said YES.”

“She” is SJ Tucker and “Yes” meant she was going to be our special guest for our July Nymbol’s Secret Island show at WICA.

After a while Nymbol composed himself and started to write back.

Another “Squeal” followed by a thump. “She asked if Betsy could come along?” he whispered as we put him down on a pillow. “I think you should take it from here.”

So in a way of introduction, SJ TUCKER and BETSY TINNEY are the special guests at our next show. If you miss this one you will regret it. We are beyond excited and hope you can make it.

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