Goings on



That is what is happening. We are very excited and will post lots of photos after we get back. Nymbol’s little troupe is part of the Neverworld stage and will be doing 2 shows a day with quite a bit of hanging around and meeting folks. We are soooooo looking forward to it. Nymbol is in a state of constant movement he is so excited. Blarney actually tied him to a chair yesterday because he was so annoying.

The Weather.

June 17th, 18th, 19th. Wait,…did you say June. Oregon in June???  My recollection is that the weather in the first couple weeks of June is that is is pretty dodgy. You never quite know what you are going to get. Once summer actually arrives it is beautiful and stays that way. The last few years Faerieworlds has been the last week of July. The hottest days of our last few summers too. This will be a different experience and our collective fingers, toes and tails are all crossed.

sketch, leather, time to paint.

The Project.

Staying up late and working on costumes pretty much describes us right now. I have some tech drawing and shoes  to do during the day so late it is.  It is so much fun and rewarding when you see it all together. For some reason it doesn’t come together until the last minute. No matter how much time there is. “the job expands to the time allotted.” is a favorite quote of mine. I am excited to see what other folks are putting together this year. It is always inspiring.

above. digital sketch, naked leather, now time to paint.

painting done and being used at the Faire.