The Story of ZuZu

Just last weekend Sam and I traveled up to Seattle to attend “MythicWorlds.” This was not only our first time traveling without our children but also the first time we left Nymbol at… Continue reading

Copper the Dragon

  It was with great pleasure that Nymbol and the rest of the Troupe got to Debut Copper to all our friends at FaerieWorlds. The Weather did not cooperate with the festival but Mother Earth… Continue reading

Where did the year go!!!

There has been a reason Nymbol has been a little quiet recently. Things have changed a great deal this year. Big things, little things, lots of things that matter a great deal, and a… Continue reading

Walking in the Air

OFF SEASON ALERT> The seasons have changed and our lives are headed in a slightly new direction. I thought I was long overdue for a new post but when I logged on I discovered I… Continue reading

FaerieCon East 2013

I started this entry ages ago but then life, holidays, and curious other happenings got in the way. It was difficult time because it is soooooo damn hard to get your feet firmly… Continue reading

Oregon Renaissance Festival 2013

A new event has come to the North West and it called the Oregon Renaissance Festival of Hillsboro. Without going into it too much we heard thru the Billy Scudder grapevine that a… Continue reading

FaerieWorlds 2013

Preamble,…….  First off I need to say that this years FaerieWorlds was amazing. In a year of constant change and seemingly unending vagaries FaerieWorlds is the beacon of light that gives us focus.… Continue reading

The Winds of Change

It may be in the stars, It may be earth changes, It might be the cosmos and it’s grand sense of humor but something is afoot. I am not sure what it is,…….but… Continue reading

Jim Owens and Lance

I was reminded through FaceBook of a friend we are dearly missing. He wrote a book and I illustrated it. I wrote this for the publisher to share the story behind the story… Continue reading

FaerieCon 2013

Douglas Herring photo I can’t begin to tell you how much fun we had this weekend. I remember a quiet moment on Thursday evening after we finished setting up our space but that… Continue reading