Where did the year go!!!


There has been a reason Nymbol has been a little quiet recently. Things have changed a great deal this year. Big things, little things, lots of things that matter a great deal, and a bunch of things that don’t. A year ago, almost to the day, I took a new job as the Footwear Design Director of The North Face. Yes,…. the folks that make those really cool winter jackets. They make shoes too. This has been really great for the family on one hand but on the other it has meant a very transitional year. We have a new house, a  rocking new studio, and we are just starting to hit our stride again. The table I am typing at is covered in a variety of projects in different levels of completeness. In summation, we have been crazy busy and I can’t really believe we now call Alameda, California home.

We have a list of events we want to perform at in the very near future. It goes like this. Maker’s Faire (accepted), Northern Pirate Festival (Sam is working on that one as write ), San Jose Steamcon (we’ll just visit this year), FaerieWorlds (Wouldn’t miss it), Northern Ren Faire (made contact, need to follow up), Edwardian Ball (got our photo in the paper at that already), Dicken’s Faire (need to come up with a concept for that one.) Jared’s Ball. (wish list, now we are 14 hours closer)

Do not worry, Nymbol has been in my ear quite a bit lately and is planning some serious hijinx in the very near future. He has invited (volunteered) us to baby sit for a new friend he just made when we moved. I am a little nervous as we had to replace his jacket when his old one had some singe marks on it. He just smiled when I asked him how it happened. Stay tuned. The channel is coming back online.

The easiest way to see what has been happening over the last year is to check out my instagram. I am pretty good at taking shots of those little important moments that make up the year. Check it out here

Lastly, I wanted to say a very belated HUGE freaking thanks to all of those great FaerieWorlds friends that helped Sam and the Girls pack up all of our Nymbol kit so we could strike our site last summer. I was on a 5am flight back to the “Real World.” It was such a harsh reality punch in the face after such a great event. Leaving was beyond difficult so I Thank You from the bottom of my heart. You Lost boys rock,….you all know who you are. The Hero of the weekend for me was Athonwy Doherty who saved our leathery skins by nailing down our sound and giving us our anchor show on Sunday. Much, much appreciated.  I look forward to new stories, new shows, new friends and many, many new adventures in the weeks and months to come.





Walking in the Air


OFF SEASON ALERT> The seasons have changed and our lives are headed in a slightly new direction. I thought I was long overdue for a new post but when I logged on I discovered I had never finished the post below.  The big update is this. I have taken a job as the Footwear Creative Director at The North Face. It is new, crazy and awesome. It also means we are moving the troupe to California. Do not worry,  Nymbol and his friends will be a big part of our lives no matter where we live. Their magic has already proved invaluable during our transition. Now on to my original post.

I was a little depressed after getting back from FaerieCon East. The Festival had allowed me to not think about the cool opportunity I missed out on.  I thought we were about to move back to Portland but the Universe has other plans. (I now know what that plan was)  On Monday morning  I sat in our car a little disengaged while I drove Izzy to school. As soon as she got in the car she started to sing a song under hear breath. She had one of those school holiday concerts coming up and was practicing every moment she could. I didn’t recognize this particular song but really liked what I could hear of it. “Can you sing that out loud for me?” I asked. Without hesitation, (a rare event for Izzy)  she burst out long a complete and beautiful version of “Walking in the Air.” It was beautiful and I loved the way she sung it. Although we had decided we would not be doing a holiday video a Bell rang between my ears. After the Friday performance I found Izzy’s teacher Mr. MaCarthy and asked him if he would be interested in a collaboration with Nymbol’s Troupe and the school. “Absolutely!” was his response.


The van was loaded monday morning and by Noon Sam, Caven and I had descended on the school with creatures, lights, camera, and sound. The school didn’t really know what hit it. By two-thirty we had Mrs. Sullivan’s lovely piano track in the can and the young ladies and Blarney had made a great sound track. It was time fo our first real video take. As if on Cue Parents and kids started to descend on our taping and it was difficult to get things quiet. “Quiet on the set” means something far different to a bunch of kids then it does elsewhere. Comically it should be “Holy Crap,…..For the love of all that is Holy in every Religion Don’t move a Fricking Muscle for 2 minutes!”.  Once that was made fairly clear we were fiiiiiiinally ready to tape. I felt bad that one of Izzy’s friends named Kaija finally melted because of the cold she had. Now pulled from the line-up after 3 hours of preparation it was a learning experience for all. 15 minutes later we had done a couple decent takes and once released the kids were all gone so fast our head spun.


The next day Sam and I arrived in the morning and set up a mini studio in a side room in the school. We first grabbed Mr. MaCarthy and had a blast as he went jumping and frolicking down a trail next to the school.   The kids were all amazing and more than just a little happy to get a little break from their math and science notebooks. Even though they were taken into a room with bright lights, a bunch of creatures hanging out and two parents they barely knew they were all spot on. With the theatre productions these kids do each year they are all pros. By the way, the wings in the video were a big hit with both girls and boys but I must say the boys were hysterical. Too funny.

After a day of shooting we met at Caven’s house later that night and put the whole thing together. It was a late night but there was much laughing and fun as we found the right clips to insert into the video. By the next morning we had the video uploaded on Vimeo and were ready to show it off to the school.


After calling Mr. MaCarthy for approval we brought a projector into school and premiered it for the kids. I wish I had a camera rolling or at least the sound so I could have captured their reaction. It was so much fun. We watched it one more time and the kids really enjoyed seeing their awesome selves on video.

I know it is getting warmer now but when you are feeling a little nostalgic for the holiday season please take a look at all of our efforts HERE. Expect some new hijinks from Nymbol and Troupe very soon. There are many new adventures on our horizon.


FaerieCon East 2013


I started this entry ages ago but then life, holidays, and curious other happenings got in the way. It was difficult time because it is soooooo damn hard to get your feet firmly back in the human world after an event like this. The first day we were back it was through blurry eyes as I watched  both of our tired girls headed off to school.  They both left with a wry smile on their face. The one that tells you they know they did something special.  I am so proud of them it hurts. Ye,s there was homework to makeup, school workbooks to find buried in our traveling circus, and we had everyday time schedules to readjust to. They will either adore their childhood or be in therapy for years.

IMG_7088To those of you who were at FaerieCon and found our little Troupe thank you so very much. To the woman on Friday who laughed so hard she snorted you made my day. On Saturday we had some good crowds and were frolicking right along. I must say that our Sunday at 2:00 show was the highlight of  our weekend. Lots of kids, lots of laughter and spontaneous dancing in front of the stage. Nymbol’s wee little heart is ready to burst when that happens.

A huge thanks to everyone that participated in FaerieCon’s got Talent. I apologize for our part being a little rough around the edges but we will have the sound, stage and timing sorted for next year. There is nothing to say about the folks who got on stage and shared their talents other than,……… Your all Freaking AMAZING. I will never think of Kenny Rogers “The Gamber” the same. Please lets do it again next year.

Oregon Renaissance Festival 2013

A new event has come to the North West and it called the Oregon Renaissance Festival of Hillsboro. Without going into it too much we heard thru the Billy Scudder grapevine that a new Festival was getting started at the end of August and we were intrigued. Serriffina was on the phone in an instant and pretty quickly had made contact with Vince and Wanda the promoters. They happened to be in town for some reconnoitering so we met them and we were more than happy to say yes. I think Blarney actually sealed the deal when he jumped on the table,  told a couple jokes, lost his footing and backflipped into a faceplant on the deck.


At the time of this writing I am hanging out in a ubiquitous purveyor of caffeinated bliss and getting prepared for what I hope is another wonderful weekend. One more weekend to go for us but three more for the festival. Rather than give you a rundown of the whole adventure I will tell you some of the things I have learned.

1. Time Travel is possible. I am pretty sure the Knights, Court and Queen have all  travelled here from the 1500’s. The person you meet during the joust and other happenings around the festival is the character you meet on the off days. Their attire may be more casual but it is not of this time. The complete opposite of Christopher Reeve in “Somewhere in Time” they are living a life of yesteryear and  dealing with the silliness of current technology and perceptions.

2. Be prepared for Torrential Downpours. My original plan was to use the time leading up to the festival to remake our stages so they were weatherproof. That didn’t happen. The two days I spent on improvements were well targeted but I regret not doing it right from the start. Feels like a band-aide over a gushing flesh wound. I now have a very rural Oregon roof. A blue tarp being held in place by bungee cords. eww. Our stuff is still dry though.

3. Heat can melt a crowd. Our worst show ever. In 85 degree sunshine in Oregon meant that by the time ZW finished drumming for Tabatha’s beautiful rendition of “Maid on the Shore” everyone save the 5 people who had found shade beside the Gypsy Wagon had left. I was beyond depressed. An hour after wanting to cry, I rallied, pulled out all the stuff I threw in “just in case” and created a shade structure for the seating area. It has seen use ever since and now only folks offended by poop jokes leave. My little lean-to has weathered howling wind and three thunderstorms now.

4. Buy a Renaissance tent.  During one of those incredible  “I really need that” moments I plunged in and bought a 12′ circular Black and Green tent online from Midwest Tents. I did it so late (after fretting over the idea for weeks) I had to have it shipped to my friend Steve Smith here in Oregon. With amazing help from Troy and Ellen we set it up on Saturday in the afternoon and I am in Love. The material, shape, color, feel and simplicity have made for a wonderful experience. I will certainly be bringing that to FaerieWorlds next summer. Expect to see it in our lawn during the rest of the summer.

5. Pack Everything you can fit. “Just bring it!” has typically been my mantra as long as it will fit in our van or trailer. Sometimes we don’t use a third of what we bring and I certainly wonder why? Other times, like last night,  I was listening to the downpour,  comfy in our round tent, watching Izzy giggle to a movie  playing on my Mac propped up on a blue bin full of costume bits. I just smiled to myself and enjoyed the moment. She and Bloo fell fast asleep before the thunderstorm hit and never even noticed.

6. Let her buy the costume. If you do not understand this I cannot help you, and neither can the marriage counselor you are seeing now. Complain just a little for effect but then spend the money. You will be rewarded ten fold in different ways for your efforts.  (clothes are not the same thing)

Lastly, if you do make it to the Ren Fest,…. Please go and see the Washing Wenches. They are an amazing act and polished to a perfected Gem. I rung the bell but it took me 4 tries. The Exotic Cats and Bird acts are wonderful. Lots of good food and Things to buy. DO NOT MISS THE JOUST. It is great, but where else to you get to Boo someone to you hearts content, over and over again and mean it.

FaerieWorlds 2013

Preamble,…….  First off I need to say that this years FaerieWorlds was amazing. In a year of constant change and seemingly unending vagaries FaerieWorlds is the beacon of light that gives us focus. That light grew more intense as we learned that a far too young member our Tribe had fallen seriously ill and was not doing well. As the news went out the Magic Ravens circled together in support over candle lit alters everywhere. The lesson was not lost on us as we prepared to go and celebrate our friend along with others that would no longer be there with us.


Wednesday,…Only a year later the trip down to Eugene was so much easier than last. No trip to Les Schwab, no 6 hours spent waiting in a Krispy Kreme, No crazy jumping gypsy wagon and bent axles. In a word,….uneventful. A last minute rewiring of the trailer kept us on our toes and a huge thanks goes out to Caven Keith and Matt Hoar for saving Nymbol a certain ticket and keeping everyone safe. As we made that last left hand bend into the park our whole troupe spontaneously broke into song.

Set up is always a bit of a push but this year we had something to look forward to. We were able to camp directly behind all of our stages and equipment. In years passed we have schlepped all of our critters and equipment back through the woods and tucked them in for the night. This year was soooooooo much better. There was some serious site work needing to be done on our part but I was up for the challenge with the hope that it would be our space for years to come. Let the Pick swinging begin. With the help of the girls it took out about three hours to clear the rest of the space, remove brambles and poison oak and then level a small hill into usable space. I wanted to thank the volunteers who helped do all the pre-work to even make this last push a possibility. A tongue in cheek thank you to the young couple that offered to help but then upon realizing it would be “real” work managed to find something else to do pretty quickly. By Wednesday night most of our staging was up and we were settled in for what promised to be a wonderful weekend.


Thursday,…… We continued to dial in the space, greet the rest of the troupe as they arrived and set up our awesome area. Let the faniggling begin. By the evening we had run our first sound check and were completely set up. A new record.

Friday,…. It was tooooooo hot. Make-up and faeries were melting in the shade, nevermind the direct sun. We were blaming the sun for what could only be considered a warm-up performance. (we called it that actually) Working the kinks out, trying some new material, and getting a feel for the crowd. I must say that kid hecklers are the best and the way we really want to react would get us in lots of trouble. I think water balloons may be in the works next year. Lobbed from back stage with a particular target in mind. If it is that hot again it is going to happen. It is far better than getting aerial pooped on by Bloobie which was our first thought. We must also mention that we have a new Junior Goblin in the form of Jaryn and he absolutely bowled us over. Too much talent, voice, charisma, enthusiasm and brilliance to be contained in such a wee sprout. You saw him there first but I can guarantee it won’t be the last. We are proud to have him as part of the troupe. Changing gears. the Spiral Dance is our absolutely favorite part of opening day. Seeing friends flash by in the crowd and smiles from ear to ear. My only wish is that the space was better suited to a big spiral without tripping hazards and total chaos. Conversely, that could be what makes it so much fun too. That, combined with the occasion wardrobe malfunction on a bountiful Faerie wheeling by in the other direction makes for a good time. After watching SJ, Betsy and Alec create magic on stage we wandered back to NeverWorlds, got Miq’d for sound and did a slightly better version of our warm-up show. The Kid Hecklers were relentless but they did have a couple good lines.  Immediately after our show we made a run for the river and were all finally able to cool down a bit. Our first day done and I could already tell it was going by too fast.


Saturday,……What a day from start to finish. The heat was not quite as bad and Our show went really well. Nymbol busted out a crowd favorite “Nymbol’s Secret Ride” for a story. It was one of Nymbol’s best tellings yet and everything flowed. Blarney’s timing was impeccable and you have no idea how truly proud that makes me. We have a new song called “Little Boy Billy” and were working out the kinks a bit but our timing is getting better. It is the first time we have used multiple characters and been so prop heavy. I think it went well. As always,.. timing is everything and if you miss a line that moment is over and cannot be reclaimed. Aside from throwing some full-sized nooses over the stage who knew this was so difficult. I do now. It was a great day and ending with me going to bed early. It is rumoured that Nymbol and Serriffina had a Midnight Show and did really well. I do not know anything about that but I am sure he will be doing it again next year. He wouldn’t shut up about it that is for sure. (Nyms here- A huge thanks to SJ Tucker, Jeremy Bloom, Moss, Rose Thorn, Mad Matt, Dexter & Sam, Pandora Celtica, Athonwhy, Noah, Serriffina and Nymphaea, and of course Jade for being absolutely Freaking Amazing one and all. o.k. you can have the computer back)……….. Nymbol just whispered to me,… If there are any photos or videos of the show out there. Please keep them to yourselves and enjoy among friends.


Sunday,……Trying to recover from Saturday proved to be a bit of a problem and Nymbol didn’t get up until noon. We were  firing on all cylinders by our three o”clock show time and were amazed at the turnout. We have never seen that many beautiful and young faeries sitting in front of our stage. The show went well and Nymbol told the “Nymbol’s Secret Egg” story. He was a little rusty and forgot a couple important lines but I was truly happy he even turned up. The highlight of the weekend was moments after we do a short story about two boys named Silas and Zander that sets the tone for our show. A mom from the crowd pointed and said that Zander was in the audience. “Alexander” is really his name so that threw her. She had heard the story three times that weekend before she realized it was him. It made for an absolutely funny and magical moment and Zander was just how Nymbol remembered. We did a little photo session/meet and greet with the kids after the show and it made my heart glow. Zander was one of the first in line and that is a photo I will treasure forever. I am still amazed at how some kids truly love that crazy little bogart.

Just as I had predicted it was over too soon,… our part of FaerieWorlds was over. I was sad but relieved it had gone so well. With great anticipation, we look forward to the next time we might see you all again. It will be too long but I am sure it will seem like we were never parted when we do. Until then. and to Wotan from Nymbol,……PPPPHHHHLLTTTT!


Thank you’zez (I have heard it said, not kidding)

Robert, Emilio and Kelly and the rest of the FW crew for creating such and magical event and inviting us to play.  SJ Tucker– You are our Hero and friend and we are truly honored to say we are yours. The “Alligator in the House” redition went to Nymbol’s head for sure. Matt Hawk- The Lostest of the Lost Boys, upon meeting Nymbol he invited him to play. It has changed our lives for the better.  Sam, Izzy and Tabatha. The pride that I have in how amazing you are is only made more intense by getting to perform with you as a family. An amazing gift every time. Nymbol– I am still not sure where you came from but I am proud you choose us to hang out with. Jaryn– What an amazing start to what we all know will be lifelong pursuit of joy. You have a spark of magic and we are quite certain you will keep it. Caven and Nichole- You two are awesome. The work and talents you bring are not usually in front of the stage but we would be lost without you. Ultimately what the world sees of Nymbol will be through your eyes and,…….. for all the work on Our Sound as well. I cannot thank you enough. Billy P. Well done sir. You are aways a welcome addition to Nymbol’s troupe. Your musical abilities and your comedic timing are spectacular. The New Character, Sargeant Gunny PixieDust was a huge hit. He must become a regular for sure. Mad Matt- It is funny to think that FaerieWorlds my have been the “quiet spot” in your summer but I thank you for bringing all your Talents and Toys down to Eugene to be an integral part of the troupe. Jade- The costumes, the song, the Dance, I cannot say enough. You Owned it! You came prepared and literally knocked everyone’s socks off. (and somehow your own in the bargain) You were the catalyst and inspiration for the midnight show.  Siobhan- We are so happy that you came to play with Nymbol’s Troupe at FaerieWorlds. We all missed Keith so much but certainly felt his presence.  I truly expected to see him around some corner with his incredible impish smile. He was so proud of his Exotic lady I can still hear his voice in my ears. Brandon Cruz- Thanks for being part of our show. We loved your voice and playing the moment we heard you. We look forward to hearing more great tunes from you in the future. Liz Pearson– for not only birthing, but sharing Jaryn. Ellen was a great addition also and if she wants to do more with us next year she is more than welcome. Ellen and Troy- for not only being Super Fans but our Friends and an integral cog in the well oiled machine that is Nymbol’s Troupe. Ken Om Crampton- thanks for adding some spice with your wonderful sounds. Loved having you on the drums for the shows. Wotan- Thank you soooo much for coming over and interrupting our shows by trying to squash Nymbol. May the child in us all never forget the joy one gets from getting away from the “FaerieSmasher!”

The Winds of Change

It may be in the stars, It may be earth changes, It might be the cosmos and it’s grand sense of humor but something is afoot. I am not sure what it is,…….but we have embraced the feeling and are excited to see what happens next. I know it will be exciting and fun. Throw into the Mix that Nymbol has volunteered us to babysit, if you can call it that, a drake from the eastern mountains. He will arrive sometime in June and if all goes well will come with us to faerieworlds. Be warned, here be Dragons. After watching “King of Thrones” he got all excited and made some calls. I am more than a little nervous. Below is my drawing based on his description. I will update you with more details as we confirm various flights .

stay tuned for more info! Drakesitter


Jim Owens and Lance

I was reminded through FaceBook of a friend we are dearly missing. He wrote a book and I illustrated it. I wrote this for the publisher to share the story behind the story and they put it at the end of the book.  It is about Jim but it also shows another side of Lance that we should never forget.



Jim and I met at  “The Ride for the Roses” in Austin Texas. We took our picture together and the start of the ride and chatted a bit before the ride really cranked up. I was immediately struck by his big smile and honesty. His internal strength while he talked about his disease was truly inspiring.

A couple years later the phone rang and it was Jim. He told me that he had written a story and would like me to illustrate it. He sent me the manuscript and I knew he had something unique. A clear and simple way to tell his 6 year old why he didn’t feel well. I showed it to my wife and she said, “you have to do this.”  The work began slowly at first, but the book started to take shape. Jim and I had some long discussions over the phone and had a pretty good disagreement about how to deal with the “Faith” aspect of the book. It forced me to look outside my own opinions and ask others about their thoughts on the subject. I learned a great deal through those discussions.

The book moved forward slowly and Jim called again to see if we could meet in person. He was very excited. The American Cancer Society wanted to publish the book.  He was up in Seattle and we planned to meet in Olympia Washington. I was proud to show him the progress I had made but was taken aback when I saw him. His Cancer had a strong hold on him now and it was evident. We made plans to really get this thing going. I promised I could have all the illustrations done by January 1st.

One of the things we talked about in Olympia was to see if Lance would write the forward for the book. I wasn’t sure but I thought there was a possibility. I called his friend and agent Bart and sent him the manuscript. A month later I had all the sketches dialed in and was ready to start my finished art.  I kept working and called Jim a few weeks before Christmas to give him and update and Jim didn’t call me back. This was very unlike him and I was nervous. He called a week later and said he was having a tough time.  I kept focused on the goal of the first week of January and  kept going.

I called Jim one night and he was really struggling but he really wanted to know about Lance and that foreword. Barb got on the phone and gave me the update. Jim had taken a bad turn and there were no more medical options.

I focused on what I could do and called Bart again the next day. He told me Lance was going to write the foreword. I excitedly called back and talked to Jim very briefly. Barb and I talked again and she said he was really close. I called Bart back again to ask if there was any way Lance could call Jim. I was not the only one.

On the Saturday just after Christmas Lance called Jim and talked for a while. Jim was lucid, had a great chat and heard from Lance about all the phone calls he had received on his behalf. Lance also told him he would be writing the foreword.

The next morning my phone rang and it was John, Jim’s brother. The moment I heard his voice I knew why. Jim had passed that morning. John and I talked about how Jim had really hung on just to make sure that Lance would be part of it.

I really struggled when I sat at my drawing table to finish the last two illustrations. I just stared at the screen for over an hour before I began. Once I started I don’t even remember time passing. As I worked on the last drawing of Jim and Max riding together the strangest thing happened. I started to laugh out loud.  I wasn’t really in a laughing mood until I realized it was the joyful way one laughs when they go for a ride around the block with their son.


Jim, you will be missed.

FaerieCon 2013

FCfamily7870044_nDouglas Herring photo

I can’t begin to tell you how much fun we had this weekend. I remember a quiet moment on Thursday evening after we finished setting up our space but that is it. In a blink it was over. Coming out of the realm I hope three years have not passed while we were away. It will be a couple days before our heads clear and we can focus on the human plane again.


Here are some highlights and Thank You’s

Thursday. We made it to Seattle without incident and found a “premo” parking spot to unload the van. The elevators were a little tricky but all of our stagecraft made it upstairs without incident. Things went together pretty seemlessly and the new room was a big step up from last year. Rick Shell helped us get all of our sound working only to find out we had no security in our area so we took it all down again. Troy and Ellen Ulmer were a huge help as we lugged things up and to the third floor and got set up.

Friday. By the time we got to our stage Buck had set up his sound system. Yeahhhh! He plugged us in and we were off to a much bigger than expected crowd. We tried out a new Nymbol story and it went really well. Nymbol keeps changing it everytime he tells it but the story is coming together and the crowd seemed to like it. They laughed at least. The show was a little rough around the edges but it is like a dress rehearsal in front of a live crowd. The batteries died on my headset half way through and I remember being confused when I was changing them out wether I had done that particular miq already. Rookie mistake. Billy Scudder then taught Nymbol and Wotan a lesson during a panel they were all in that will not soon be forgotten. Serriffina managed to stay out of trouble but Nymbol was more scared than if Wotan was chasing him around. That night Delhi to Dublin rocked the Ballroom and we all danced into the wee hours.


Saturday. A great day. We started with a strong show and some of our set from FaerieWorlds last summer. Nymbol’s Secret Ride story had a relatively new audience so I didn’t feel too bad when he told it again. Blarney pushed past some imaginary boundry by mentioning something totally gross but we recovered. We then spent the next few hours following Nymbol around interviewing faire goers about a lost egg. Very strange indeed. Caven and Nicole brought their A game to shooting these antics and I can’t wait to see it. We ended the night with the Highlight of the whole event. Tricky Pixie followed by Faun. They are both amazing bands  that truly defy categorization. Listen to their music and buy their albums. They are amazing. It was so much fun to see Tabatha and Sam dancing in unison as they tooks turns with some moves they have been practicing. The real magic moment for me was to see Izzy and her friend Shyan dancing together with wild abandon. Izzy has been a chair sitter up to this point so it was a huge 180. After Faun’s double encore show we hung out with some of our FaerieWorld friends on the 28th floor and slid down the elevator and to bed far too late.

Sunday. Our Show was one of the best we have done. The crowd was on and so was our troupe. The banter came fast and furious but the laughter kept up. Nymphaea really stepped into a new arena by reverse pranking Nymbol and Blarney which she has never done before. Not that they didn’t deserve it,…The totally did. It made for a very funny moment. We had a spectacular final show with Wotan. He ambushed us on stage only to have the FaerieQueen bind him with a spell that left him immobile. He was savaged by a flock of nubile fearies who took great pride in relieving him of the “Moon Egg” he had stolen. It was a very fun moment. We sang our last song and when Nymbol said goodbye he got a little verklempt realizing were on our last day. In the 45 minutes between our last show and a class I was teaching on puppet making I made notes, a contesant list and got ready for FaerieCon’s Got Talent. At 4:06 pm the show started and Nymbol began to host and I laughed and was amazed for the next hour.  I am not saying there isn’t room for improvement but it really was a great show. If you didn’t see it you missed  the birth of a concept for FaerieCon and FaerieWorlds that will only get bigger.  Mark, Alex and Billy really strutted their stuff but so did the other participants. Wotan only used his hook once but it was more for comic relief (and part of the act) than anything else. We got a glimpse of rising stars and names to remember. Katie Tinney, Tabatha Cass*, Obadiah Brown Beach, Brandon Cruz, and Koe Sozuteki were AMAZING one and all. When Nymbol said “see you this summer!” we were done.                    (*type in “song”)


Anita Marier photos

We took a short breath and started to take down the whole stage. Once everything was made into nice big piles the entire Nymbol Troupe went out to dinner at Tulio’s the next block over. Absolutely wonderful Italian food. Had to pull the cork out of the Piggy Bank for that but it was worth it. We rolled ourselves back to the hotel to see the last four songs of Faun’s Sunday acoustic show. We would have loved to see more but food with friends had to come first at this point of our adventure. There were many goodbyes, big hugs, well wishes, and plans to plan what we are going to do this summer. It seems like too far away right now but I am sure we will all be frolicking around in Eugene before we know it. Just the thought of it makes me smile and I so hope you can be there with us.

A HUGE final thanks to Mad Matt for risking life and limb as the stellar opening act of FaerieCon’s Got Talent but more importantly slugging through being tired to help us jam the van to the brim so we could get out of Seattle.

See you this summer!!

2013 here we come

What a year that has just passed. Our little troupe could not ask for more. I could ramble on but I think I will let Nymbol do the talking. Pay attention to the words in his toast here. They are said for all of you and are heart felt. Click on the Photo  for a link to the video including a little run around with Krampus or just read the words below. Happy New year from the whole Cass family and our little band of creatures.


This is a toast to all of my Fae friends. To the ones my eyes see before me, to the ones who couldn’t make it here tonight, and to the ones we can now only hold in our hearts. This is to you, to the many adventures we have had, to the new year, and the many, many adventures yet to come. I thank you for being my friend. I thank you for being who you are. You makers of mischief, singers of song, weavers of magic, creators of light, and producers of odious smells. I love you all, you are so much a part of me that I cease to exist with you. Happy Yule and a most Merry New Year.(this is where you say) Happy Yule and Merry New Year.

Nymbol’s Secret Santa

Here at Nymbol’s we are getting excited for the holidays. Nymbol and troupe are getting ready to film a Video Holiday Card that will go out soon.  Caven Keith is going to film it and we are setting the studio. It is rumoured that Krampus stopped by the shop looking for someone who was Naughty. I can only guess who he was looking for but fortunately Nymbol was off SnowBoarding with Blarney now that there is snow on the mountains. It reminded me of the illustrations I did a couple years ago during Nymbol’s adventure with Santa on Christmas Eve. There is more to the story but I thought you might enjoy the illustrations.

nymbolssecretsantasmIn other news  Serriffina cleared the studio today by knocking over a bottle of aged troll snot and it smelled horrible. Nasty stuff that. This did not go over well with Sam who despite being a gimp was the only one there to clean it up. (she wrecked her ankle roller skating)

Sam was most frustrated as she was starting to delve into kickstarter rewards and compile her list when the “stink attack” happened.  Between that and her ankle she called it quits for the day and will get on it tomorrow after the studio has off-gassed.


As the holidays approach we wish everyone the most merry of Yuletide greetings and are looking forward to an amazing new year. It will be full of new adventures.

Keep and eye and ear out for our video. Happy Holidays.